I"m Lisa and I'm a graduate photographer who has recently returned to the UK after travelling the world for six months. 
I tend to explore mostly landscapes as I adore nature and use both analogue and digital cameras to capture its beauty. Alongside my photographic work I utilise my interest in writing to create critical and theoretical questions about my work and photography as an art form. From travelling I have become deeply interested in leading a more eco-concious lifestyle and conserving our planet for future generations. 
In my spare time whilst travelling I've gained an interest in graphic design and have developed my skills in hand lettering. I created my own blog which I have written detailed posts about each country I visited alongside reviews from films and books to exhibitions.

BA HONS Photography NTU Graduate 2016
2018 Freelance Photographer
2017 - 'Under The Fog' featured at University of Suffolk
2016 Written Afterword for Emerge, NTU Degree Show
2016 Alamy Content Team
2015 NTU Photography Society Founder and President

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