I"m Lisa, a photographer and designer who has recently returned to the UK after travelling the world for six months. 
I have a keen interest in travel and you can find my photographs in my portfolio here and helpful advice from my articles on my blog lisaroseanne.com. From travelling I have become deeply interested in leading a more eco-concious lifestyle and conserving our planet for future generations. 

If you are interested in lettering or illustrations you can find them in my designs page and find me on instagram at @lisaroseanneprints to see what I'm up to!

If you want to get in touch feel free to email me at lisa-gillies@hotmail.co.uk

BA HONS Photography NTU Graduate 2016
2020 - Design featured in Bookblocks #PositivePost campaign
2017 - 'Under The Fog' featured at University of Suffolk
2016 Written Afterword for Emerge, NTU Degree Show
2016 Alamy Content Team
2015 NTU Photography Society Founder and President

Drop me an e-mail at:
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